About Us

Allye provides distributed energy storage at the grid edge to provide collective flexibility to the electricity network, helping accelerate decarbonisation of the grid while lowering energy costs for industrial, commercial and residential customers by up to 50%.

Our smartly designed energy storage systems reimagine how batteries are connected, distributed and used. Flexible and modular, our batteries are self-learning, intelligently managed via the cloud to maximise cycle life and arbitrage on electricity prices.

Using digital twins, we deploy machine learning and AI to optimise behaviour and performance as a collective of assets, to deliver benefits at an individual level to the end user and the energy network at a system level.

Press releases

Allye Launches Battery Solutions to Help Ensure Successful Energy...

A new distributed energy start-up, Allye, launches smart energy systems to ensure that the energy transition is affordable and accessible to... read more

20.06.2023 • By Allye Energy